"Working with leather and wood lifts my spirits. I get the greatest satisfaction out of producing items of quality that are durable and aesthetically pleasing for you."

Clam Mk1_edited.png

Inspiration comes from my need to create something unique. I have always had a workshop and a fascination for tools of all kinds. Some years ago when I wanted a man-bag, I ended up getting one made for me when I was in Morocco, but it just wasn’t quite right.


So… I joined a course led by an experienced saddler and developed a passion for working with leather. My workshop now took on a new lease of life. I experimented with a range of different materials, letting my imagination run free.

My engineering background aids in solving problems - even to the extent that if I cannot find a tool that fits the job exactly, I customise them!

The design and structure are equally important to me. In addition, the end result has to look good and be practical. It would break my heart to produce a piece of work that is not pleasing to the eye.

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