Ian made a unique piece for my space that we titles 'The Llama'. It's a tall elegant table made from disfigured wood and it brings so much warmth and character to my space. I have never seen a piece like it anywhere else and I get compliments on it everytime somebody comes over!  Thanks VL 


Ian is very artistic and can support you with manifesting  whatever is your vision.

Thanks for your inspiration. SJ 


I have purchased several bespoke products from Ian, designed to my needs.  They were completely individual and perform their function to the exact spec that I supplied. He designed and enhanced my own ideas and produced something both attractive and functional.  I would highly recommend Ian for his attention to detail and desire to surpass your expectations of any product you purchase. CM Professional Guitar Musician 


Ian's leather work is second to none. Everything these days is made cheaply, however buying one of Ian's products, from his leather items to his incredible woodwork, is well worth every penny. You know you’re getting a unique item that has been made with care and at a great price and quality too!   PD